October Gallery

Photos of October

We got sun, rain, a medieval festival, street art and parks. The windmill, tractor, and the village as usual. Insects and birds represent the animal kingdom. Street art and pixel art, we got them both in one place. Finally, Joker saves the Halloween. These are the photos of October.

Citadel Spandau


Do you see the sand clock?


Kaiser Wilhelm I.



The 5. Medieval Festival in the Citadel.

Eat, trade and act at the best place for this event.

Enthusiasts from Germany and other European countries celebrate the vibes of the far past.

If you are tired of the crowds, you can flee to the castle walls and enjoy the cloudy view.



The first big rain in the Fall leaves the drops on the car’s rooftop glass.

The Arts

Going to a RAW area at Warschauer Straße brings interesting high-quality murals at the local club, but the real gem I found in Treptower Park: pixel art characters on the wall of the abandoned building near the Zenner House. Those are both the pixel and street arts of the month.

The Spree river

and it’s boats


The Skyline of Berlin



On the balcony


Like the Fall



The window view invites going out and enjoy the colours of the Fall.


It’s the Fall.

Sun and clouds through the treetop

Village streets and modern concrete buildings


The Church in Alt-Marzahn

The windmill and the life around


Joker: a comedy or a tragedy? A visual novel in four stripes.


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