November Gallery


A cold month, no big trips, journeys, or expeditions. Only a few pictures from around the block.


Cookie the Cat

Cookie got new places, to work and to relax.

Cookie at work
Cookie relaxing


Autumn vibes

Golden leaves and mushrooms on the way sides.

The autumn
The mushrom



Day and Night

Look on the roof of the church, there is a small tree.

Church by day
Church by night

The Windmill

At the windmill you can see many farm animals and birds.

Alpaca and the windmill
The windmill and alpaca
Windmill and tractor
Windmill and gees

In the evening, the animals are locked, but not in the mill.

The windmill by night


The Evening

With people and reflections.

The village street


The Moon-Halo

The highlight comes at the end of the month. It snows, the Christmas tree is set up and the illuminations are turned, and this all under the majestic full moon with halo.

Moon Halo
Moon Halo
Christmas star
Christmas tree

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