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September 22, 2022
Categorie(s) Photographs
Berlin Charlottenburg double exposure photo
Berlin Charlottenburg Double Exposure Magic Photo

Long time ago, middle of the nineties, we have a photography class. We get an SLR-Camera from our teacher, go on the street and take pictures of Berlin. Back in the laboratory, we start to develop and print the photos. I have a film frame and photography paper in the enlarger and begin the exposure. Just at the moment somebody enters the room, turns on the light, realizes the group is working and immediately turns the light off again. It all happens in less than one second. I let the photo go through the chemical baths and get that you see above. Strange white earth, scary black sky, white line around the objects. Double exposure magic. We try to reproduce the effect again, but don’t have luck, the other pics are just black or white. I keep the photo, let it all the years remain in the album, until I understand that this the unique photo of all them I ever made.